Home Scenting

Your home should be a relaxing getaway. A place that lifts the stress of the day off of your shoulders. So why should scenting your home be stressful? Candles require time before they can fill the air with aroma and you shouldn't have to resort to toxic plug-ins and air fresheners that also leave aerosol residue. AromaLuxx is here to massage your nose and turn your home into the relaxing getaway that it should be. Contact us to transform your home into the perfect getaway just for you!

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Business Scenting

The customer experience is paramount. By utilizing scent, our clients are able to establish a deeper emotional connection with their customers allowing for greater brand identity. This intimate interaction between scent and customers creates happier customers, enthusiastic employees, drives sales and increases revenue. Contact us to learn how scenting can transform your brand.

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Fine Fragrances

We strive to deliver the highest-quality scenting experience. By carefully choosing our raw materials we are able to provide the an unparalleled scenting experience.

Safe Around Pets

Your space should be welcoming to all walks of life - including our furry friends. Our fragrances are pet-friendly and do an excellent job at covering up those unpleasant scents.

Additive - Free

We want to ensure that our fragrances are healthy and safe. All of our fragrances are free from harmful chemicals commonly found in plug-ins and aerosols. You won't find parabens, pthalates nor propellants in our fragrances.

Mobile Application

Our mobile app puts complete control of your diffuser in the palm of your hands. Easily create custom schedules and adjust the scent intensity from our mobile app.

Durable Construction

Our diffusers are built to go the distance. We use the highest-quality parts and materials in our diffusers and are backed by a 2-year limited warranty.