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Luxxor L

The WORLD's FIRST diffusers that connect to and communicate with your HVAC system. The Luxxor L combines the ease, convenience, and portability of a stand-alone diffuser with the power, quality, and consistency of HVAC scenting. It also incorporates WiFi technology to communicate with the Luxxor L and HVAC fan. Simultaneously turn on Luxxor L and the HVAC blower by the simple press of a button on our mobile app. Operating with the latest cold air diffusion technology, the Luxxor L atomizer preserves the therapeutic properties of the essential oil based aroma oils. 

The Luxxor L easy-to-use internal timer connects to our mobile app, providing the ultimate level of control as it has a programmable weekly timer that allows up to fifteen unique operating periods. You can also create your own timer and set up to three different programs to best fit your scenting schedule. 


  • Advanced atomization technology that diffuses scent without the need for heat.

  • An easy-to-use mobile application that controls the diffuser & HVAC system's fan.
  • HVAC connection and communication capabilities.

  • Wall mountable

  • A programmable weekly timer that allows for different time and density settings for different days of the week.

  • Security lock for the fragrance compartment.

  • An ideal option for medium to large spaces such as lobbies, offices, homes, halls, retail stores, spas, fitness centers and much more!


Voltage : DC12V
Coverage: Up to 3,000 sq./ft. or 45,000 cu. ft.
Bottle: 700mL



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