MiniLuxx-Touch - AromaLuxx


Create your ideal ambiance with this tiny but mighty scent diffuser. The MiniLuxx is the perfect diffuser for any personal space from living rooms to apartments to offices to even hotel lobbies. Its ultra-quiet diffusion technology allows for it to operate discreetly but make no mistake, the scent will not be missed. Its sleek aluminum body features an anti-corrosive coating and is available in silver, gold, and black. The MiniLuxx is also fully customizable. You can create up to four different scenting programs where you can create scenting schedules and scent densities to best fit your scenting needs!

Voltage: DC12V
Coverage: Up to 800 sq./ft. or 8,000 cu. ft.
Bottle: 120mL (Lasts up to 6 months depending on usage)