About - AromaLuxx



AromaLuxx was born from the drive that the world needed better solutions to scenting. We wanted to develop fragrances that were healthy for people to use which, to us, seemed like a no brainer. Who wouldn't want a welcoming and relaxing ambiance that isn't beneficial to their overall health? When developing fragrances, we take a holistic approach with clients at the forefront to ensure that we capture the essence of their overall vision, their story. This congregation of elements, coupled with the expertise of our aromachologists and perfumers, is translated into a melange of fragrance that evokes the right emotions.

For us, fragrance is only part of the story. The remaining part of the story is in the method of fragrance delivery. We wanted to create something truly innovative that the world had never seen and could truly benefit from. We put our minds to work and engineered HVAC diffusers that the world had never seen. Our systems had to be smart, efficient, and easy to use. Coupled with state-of-the-art cold-air diffusion, our HVAC diffusers make scenting any space quick and easy. 

Here at AromaLuxx, we always have you, our customer, in mind when developing new ideas. We invite you to join our family and allow us the honor to translate your artistic vision into a new dimension.