FAQs - AromaLuxx


What is Cold-Air Diffusion Technology?

Cold-air diffusion is the latest technology in the scenting industry. High-pressure cold-air converts the fragrance into a fine, dry-mist of nanoparticles. All of AromaLuxx’s diffusers utilize cold-air diffusion technology to protect against the degradation and dilution of our fragrances.

Will the oil damage my HVAC system?

Absolutely not. Our HVAC cold-air diffusers and fragrances are designed to work specifically with central HVAC systems. By releasing the fragrance as a dry-mist of nanoparticles, we can ensure that there will be no residue or damage to your ventilation system. It’s also safe around children, pets, furniture and artwork.

Do I need to change any settings on my HVAC system or thermostat?

Absolutely not. There is no need to change any settings on your A/C system to use our product. Our patent pending HVAC diffusers are specifically designed to work with any central AC system.

Do the HVAC diffusers only work when the AC is on?

No. Our HVAC diffusers will work whether you are heating or cooling. Please note that warm air will slightly increase a fragrances strength.

What square footage do the HVAC diffusers cover?

This varies by model. The Luxxor S covers up to 1200 sq. ft., the Luxxor L covers up to 3000 sq. ft., and the Luxxor XL and Grand Luxxor both cover up to 8000 sq. ft..

How often do the diffusers require maintenance?

Our diffusers seldomly require maintenance. We recommend cleaning the pump with alcohol when changing fragrances to prevent mixing different fragrances.

What are your oils made of?

All of our fragrances are comprised of perfume-grade raw materials and essential oils. This is great as it allows us to be able to create virtually any type of fragrance imaginable. Our 100% essential oils are oils extracted from nature. Essential oils can have therapeutic benefits and also enhance any environment with scent. All AromaLuxx fragrances and 100% essential oils are IFRA-compliant.

Where are your oils made?

All AromaLuxx fragrances and 100% essential oils are made in the USA.