The Technology - AromaLuxx

The Technology

Smart Fan Technology

We are the innovators behind the world's first diffusers that connect to your HVAC system. Our proprietary technology (patent pending) allows our state-of-the-art diffusers to connect to and communicate with your HVAC system. The diffuser is able to independently activate and deactivate your HVAC systems fan. You DO NOT need to keep your fan on the "on" setting to circulate our fragrances and essential oils. You can leave your fan on the "auto" setting like normal. This means that our Luxxor line of HVAC diffusers are the most energy efficient diffusers on the market.

Cold-Air Diffusion

Cold-air diffusion (nebulizing technology) is the latest innovation in scent dispersal. This unique method is the safest, cleanest, and most effective way to diffuse your favorite fragrances and essential oils. AromaLuxx diffusers filter ambient air and pressurize a chamber mixed with the fragrance and diffuses it in a dry-mist form. Cold-air diffusion does not use heat and does not require water. This allows you, the user, to get maximum effectiveness out of your essential oils and experience a pure aromatic experience.

There are several reasons why cold-air diffusion is the best way to diffuse your fragrances and essential oils. Unlike other methods of diffusion like plug-ins and ultrasonic diffusers, cold-air diffusion does not use heat nor does it require diluting your oils with water. By not evaporating the oil nor diluting we are able to maintain all of the therapeutic benefits of the oils. We are also able to use less of the oil for extended scenting duration.

Mobile Application
Our diffusers are simple to use and setup. By connecting our diffusers to our mobile app, it is to customize every aspect of your scenting experience. Create a daily schedule if you like, adjust the concentration of the fragrance, and set how frequently you would like the diffuser to work for. You can also connect multiple different diffusers to our app and control each one individually or together.