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Luxx Values

Here at AromaLuxx, our values are simple. It is our nature to not only innovate but to be innovative. We are leaders innovating the scenting industry by developing the world's first diffusers that truly connect to and communicate with your HVAC system. We do not simply poke a hole in your duct and say that we have connected to your HVAC system. No. AromaLuxx goes the extra mile so that you don't have to.

What other companies that sell "HVAC diffusers" won't tell you is that if your HVAC system is not circulating the air in your ducts, the aroma is stuck in your ducts as there is no force to move it where it is meant to go: inside your home. This means you have to go to your thermostat to turn on your HVAC system's fan to circulate the air or constantly leave it on. This is a hassle and will significantly increase your energy bill. These are not Luxx values. We do things differently at AromaLuxx. We deliver premier products, from diffusers to scents, with the consumer as priority number one. Our diffusers are the easiest to use and most customizable diffusers on the market. Our scents are invigorating and elegant and are sure to exceed your expectations. Our diffusers communicate directly with your HVAC system so that when your diffuser turns on or off, it automatically communicates the message to your HVAC system to start or stop circulating the aroma throughout your home, saving you time and hard-earned money.